The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

I have been meaning to watch this film as soon as I had read the book last year in the summer (which is brilliant and you should all read it if you haven't already!). I remember for ages there was loads of hype about the film all over the internet because of its star studded cast and infamous soundtrack, and I wasn't let down.

'The Perks of being a Wallflower' is originally a novel by Stephen Chbosky, about a young boy called Charlie (Logan Lerman), starting school as a freshman. He's shy, socially awkward but ultimately just wants to find friends that he can be himself with. He doesn't want to be an outsider forever. He meets Patrick (Ezra Miller) and Sam (Emma Watson) who take him on a roller-coaster ride of what it is to be a teenager.

I really liked the fact the film was directed by Chbosky. He got the opportunity to make the film exactly how he intended the book to be, which a lot of authors do not usually get to do when their novels are adapted to the big screen. Of course, like every adaptation, there were some aspects that were lost slightly, like the importance of the mix tapes and Charlie's English teachers involvement which I was disappointed with. However, that did not tint my whole view of it. The shots were beautiful along with the colour grading used and of course not forgetting the soundtrack which everyone is going mad for!
But what made me love this film to bits was Ezra Miller. Previously I had not seen him in any film other than 'We Need to Talk About Kevin', in which he plays a COMPLETELY different role of Kevin, a murderer. Miller completely immersed himself in 'Patrick's openly gay character. Excited, confident and just loud about everything. No one could have played him better and Miller is now definitely one of my favourite actors at the moment! Emma Watson of course plays Sam well, I don't think she could ever get a role wrong. Logan Lerman also plays the shy, socially awkward Charlie brilliantly, his voice was a little low for my liking which threw me a bit at the beginning! But he, like Miller, really gets the character and all of his problems. 

The ending of the book and the film has always seemed a little rushed to me and always creeps me out! Simply because of the whole 'Aunt' situation (I would go more into it but don't want to ruin the film for those who haven't yet seen it!) but everyone has different opinions about it, all I can say is you need to watch it/read it for yourself to see what you think!

Overall, this is a film that I think everyone can connect with, which I think is why it has become such a big hit. It has all the struggles that each and every one of us went through when we started school. Dates, love, parties, getting drunk, drugs and just wanting to find people you can be 'you' with. I am going to give it the rating of 4 stars.


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