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We're only a week into the new year and I am already so excited for certain films of 2013! One of my New Years Resolutions was to watch more films now I am a film student. So the plan is to stick to it by going to see all of these in the cinema, (if I can) rather than waiting for them on DVD!
So let's get started...

The Impossible
Release Date: 1st Jan (UK)

'The Impossible' is a film about the Tsunami which unexpectedly hit South-east Asia in 2004. It tells the story of one family's survival.
. I've always been interested in all the documentaries made about the Tsunami and the tales of survival that came with it. It is always quite risky to make a film about a natural disaster as big as this because the film maker could really offend/bring up bad memories for families who have a connection with the disaster. However, the reviews and award nominations suggest that this film has been made well, with such a great cast it doesn't surprise me! I do judge whether I want to see a film a lot by its trailer and watching this one really sold it to me, aesthetically pleasing shots and the actors really look as though they do the family's story justice which is the most important thing for the film to do well.
I look forward to seeing this but know like the big softy I am I will be crying all the way through!


Django Unchained
Release Date: 18th January 2013 (UK)
I've been looking forward to this film for ages now! I love Tarantino's style of film making so can't wait to see how this film turns out. As always it has made a massive impact on film festivals, being nominated for 5 Golden Globes and winning 11 awards already. Cast as usual is brilliant, just overall very excited to see this!

Zero Dark Thirty
Release Date: 25th Jan (UK)
I haven't heard masses about this film yet but I was looking through imdb one day, had a watch of the trailer and it kept me hooked. It's all about the planning and killing of Osama Bin Laden, which I would like to know more about! The trailer didn't give a lot of the film away which I like because it makes me want to see it more! This film has also done well with awards too, with 4 Golden Globe nominations and 21 other wins. The fact that it's also written and directed by Kathryn Bigelow sells it to me by how much I loved 'The Hurt Locker'.

Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters
Release Date: 22 Feb (UK)
The old fairy tale with a little bit of a twist! The film catches up with the siblings after their near death encounter with a Witch when they were younger. Now older, they want revenge, by killing all the witches they can find. I really loved the trailer for this and I hope it meets my expectations! It will be good to see Gemma Arterton in her first could be blockbuster, she's a great actress and deserves the screen time. Also always nice to see a bit of Jeremy Renner haha!

Release Date: 1st March (UK)
So this is one of the many Sundance films that I want to see! This is the film I know least about, but again, the trailer looked good, even though I am not a massive fan of Horror! 

The Paperboy
Release Date: 15th March (UK)
Another festival favourite. I'm really intrigued to see the performances of Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron as they look like they play their characters extremely well in the trailer. I never thought Zac Efron would be good in anything but Disney/teen films! 

Release Date: 5th April (UK)
Although remakes can sometimes turn out terribly, I have a feeling this one wont be! Chloe Moretz is a great actress and I believe she will do the character of 'Carrie' justice.  

Iron Man 3
Release Date: 26th April (UK)
I can't wait for this, I am absolutely in love with all of the Marvel films at the moment. Just everything about these films, Robert Downey Jr. especially :) Haha. I think that they have kept the storyline fresh as well which is always good for a sequel, so its not all 'samey' like a lot of franchises these days.

The Great Gatsby
Release Date: 17th May (UK)
I am hoping that this film will live up to the hype that has surrounded it for so long, and that it does the book justice too.  It could go so wrong if it doesn't! Will have to wait and see. The cast will deliver though i'm sure.

Fast and Furious 6
Release Date: 24th May (UK)
I know I know, they aren't really great films but I think that's why I love them so much. They hold great personal memories with them for me. Plus, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker are in them... how could I not watch just purely for them? Haha!

The Bling Ring
Release Date: June (France)
I am interested in seeing how Sofia Coppola turns this true story into a film. It is about a group of Hollywood teenagers basically breaking into celebrities houses and stealing their belongings... could be a good but want to see if it works properly! However I am looking forward to seeing Emma Watson in a more roughed up, rebellious role compared to her usual polite, goody-two-shoes roles. 

World War Z
Release Date: 21st June (UK)
Ok so the reason why this film is really on my list of most anticipated is because it was partially filmed in the town where I used to go to school! So really I just want to catch a glimpse of it haha. But am very into all the Zombie genre thats on the rise at the moment so will be a good watch anyway. Need to get up to speed with 'The Walking Dead' too!

Despicable Me 2
Release Date: 28th June (UK)
I fell in love with the first film completely! 18 and still love kids films... will definitely be taking my little sister to see this with me!

Monsters University 
Release Date: 12th July (UK)
I don't even need a reason for this, wooo! Just hope it lives up to my expectations!

The World's End
Release Date: 14th August (UK)
The last film in the trilogy with Pegg, Frost and Wright :( If it's as good as 'Shaun of the Dead' and 'Hot Fuzz' i'm pretty sure this may be the best film of 2013! There's no trailer as of yet but I am sure there will be one soon.

Release Date: 18th October (UK)
I don't know how some script writers come up with the ideas that they do; a garden snail that wants to become a racing snail... haha! Purely want to see this just because I love the idea of it, and the snail in the trailer is just too cute.

Thor: The Dark World
Release Date: 30th October (UK)
I wasn't really a massive fan of the first film when it came out, but after watching it again and 'The Avengers' i'm so excited for it! One of my best friends also lives right next to the Thames and saw some of it being filmed, jealous. Hope it isn't a bad sequel though. 

Catching Fire
Release Date: 22nd November (UK)
As you would have seen I did a massive post on 'The Hunger Games' trilogy before it came out (which you can find here)! I love the books, finally got round to seeing the film a few months back and wasn't that impressed. The books get worse from the first one onwards but would still like to see what the film version of Catching Fire will be like, it might be an improvement on the book. Plus I love Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson so will still go and see it!

Anchorman: The Legend Continues
Release Date: 20th December (USA)
Nearly 10 years since the first film came out, sooooooo excited. Anyone who hasn't watched the original, do so now. Just priceless!

Well, this has been a slightly mammoth post! Some with films with more of a review than others but just wanted to give an idea of which films I am excited about and people should see. I might add on to this list through the year so keep checking :)

Is there any films I have missed and you think I should definitely have on this list? 


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