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Apologies as always for my lack of posts, been a busy bee these last two months!

So at the end of April it was my birthday and one present I received was an Amazon voucher. Getting older for me means I never actually know what I want on my birthday anymore, so the voucher was very welcome as it gave me a wide variety of choice for buying something that I usually wouldn't. (Because I am saving for things like my driving license, lessons etc!)
I've always been a lover of making lists so browsing through Amazon I came across this, the 'Film Listography' by Lisa Nola. 

The book is full of titled lists (149 to be precise!) ready for you to start filling in. For example, 'List Movie scenes that make you cringe' and 'List movies you walked out on'.

It's great for an alternative way of keeping a journal or scrapbooking your favourite film related thoughts. Each list is accompanied by an illustration by John Stich, which I feel really brings the book to life and just look really cute!

(If you haven't watched any of these you must do it now! Matilda especially!) 

It's definitely one of my favourite purchases this year and I think anyone that calls themselves a film lover should definitely have one of these in their bookcase! Is a nice way to keep all your film thoughts in one place that you can always come back to! 

If you like the idea of this Listography and want more, then you are in luck! There are quite a few other 'Listography' books by Lisa Nola:

Practically a listography book to cover your every need! (I reckon by the end of the year i'll have purchased them all!) I found 2 of these in my local Waterstones but I don't think all of the stores will stock the books, if you are looking to buy them visit Amazon as they are all up for sale there. If you're struggling with what to buy someone for a birthday/special occasion, I'd definitely look to buying one of these, they make great gifts. 

Also if you like the idea of the book but just want to create some lists of your own, there is also part of the Listography brand.

Happy list making! 


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