For some reason lately all I have wanted to watch are chick flicks, there are so many award winning films I want to watch but I have to be in the mood to watch them! I saw the trailer for Bachelorette last year and thought i'd give it a go the other night. 
It was directed by Leslye Headland, with quite the star studded cast. Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, Rebel Wilson and James Marsden all featured in this film.
Becky (Wilson) is the first out of her highschool friendship group to get proposed to and marry. Regan, Gena and Katie 
(Dunst, Caplan and Fisher) are bridesmaids at her wedding and try to set up a Bachelorette party for Becky. However, Becky becomes insulted and leaves, yet the girls decide they're going to have a Bachelorette party of their own and get off their faces on coke and alcohol, in the process, destroying the Brides dress. The rest of the film is the girls overcoming obstacles to  try and get the dress fixed in time for the wedding.

Essentially, I think that this film had potential, but is not as good as it could have been. I think that the script tries to be funny and it doesn't do it very well, especially when the whole film just makes the girls appear to be stupid and irresponsible. The story was all over the place, with many loose ends that never get tied and pointless scenes, like the random sex scene in the toilet with Regan (Dunst) and Trevor (Marsden). Nothing happens between them after, the whole scene/relation is completely pointless. In fact there is no point in Marsden's character at all, he adds nothing to the story.
 There are also too many stories trying to be told within the film which try to focus on all of the girls problems, this is why I think is why the film doesn't work well. There is the story of Clyde (Adam Scott) and Gena, with the abortion and their relationship, Regan being a monster of a woman (never find out why) and Katie just being a big slut (again never really find out why). 
The lengths the girls they went to to get the dress fixed in the night was just unbelievable, which made me like the film even less, it would have been an impossible task if it had happened in real life. Kirsten Dunst played her character well along with Izzy Caplan, who was my favourite in the film, but I think it was the script that let the film fall. Overall it was rushed and sloppy. 

Their faces reflect mine after I watched the film!
1.5 Stars.


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