I have always been a big Bond film fan, and 'Skyfall' did not disappoint. It is definitely on my list of must see films this year! Directed by Sam Mendes, the film is a bit different from its predecessors' and that is what makes it interesting. 

 This film was so well made, I was impressed by nearly every aspect. Casting was as always spot on, with classic brilliant British actors all playing their roles down to a T. It is simply British pretty much the whole way through.
 As I said earlier, the film seems different from the previous Bond films including Daniel Craig. The reason for this is because we get more of an insight into the characters of Bond and M and about each of their pasts, rather than what they both do and how well they do it. It was refreshing that the film wasn't so focussed on a Bond girl, I think this turn in focus really helped the film do so well with the spectators. 
The whole sequence is incredibly nostalgic, with many references to previous Bond films, like the much loved Aston Martin DB5 making an appearance. There are many patriotic shots of Britain throughout the film too, along with traditional British icons, like the British bulldog ornament that M owns.
Daniel Craig, Judi Dench and Javier Bardem's performances are stunning. Bardem's plays the villian Silva perfectly, just the right amount of insanity and calmness, I was really convinced by him. In fact all the actors including Ralph Fiennes (Mallory) and Ben Whishaw (Q), all play their characters with perfection.  
I applaud Neal Purvis and Robert Wade on the script. It is complex and well written, but it made me wonder what type of Bond film will follow. I couldn't help feeling after Bond's forged  fit for duty test and M's death, is this an end of an era for Bond? He is not what he used to be, mentally and physically, when he rejoins the secret services and surely after M's death, nothing will be the same again for Bond. I'll be interested to see what Purvis and Wade will do next. 

I have to give this film a solid, well earned 4.5 stars. Everyone must watch it!

Skyfall Trailer


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