University and the rest of my life...

The last two months have been COMPLETELY hectic and busy, it's been amazing.
So I moved up to university on the 23rd of September, ridiculously nervous and anxious about what this new chapter in life was going to bring me. I remember really well how the closer me and mum got to uni the more sick I felt about not living at home any more, missing my family, boyfriend and just my home town in general! 

Fresher's was just mental. I've never ever had a week like that before and I doubt I will ever again! So much drinking, so little sleep and meeting so many new people was one of the best things I have ever done. The two things that remind me souly of Freshers week is definitely 'Gangnam Style' and chants of 'FRESSHHERRSSS', 'TELFORD' AND 'DOWN IT FRESHER'. Crazy.
I finally met everyone that I was going to live with, which was daunting but I ended up with the best flat mates I could have wished for! Which could also go for the block I live in too. Whenever we go out its usually as a block, I've been so lucky that I get on with everyone in the flat and my block, it has the best atmosphere.

Enough about social life, the other half of why I came to university was to study. What a great course it has been so far.
The week we arrived we had an induction week, we visited the BFI for a screening of 'Pierrot le Fou' by Jean-Luc Goddard, possibly one of the weirdest films to introduce us to the course. But interesting at the same time!
Other than that we were just taught the basics of the FMM building, where everything is, who all of our lecturer's are (who are all fab, completely hilarious and down to earth!) our timetable and what modules we'll take. I was really relieved when our course leader explained that even though we have chosen a specific pathway to focus our degree on, (Fiction, Entertainment or Documentary) we will do each one this year so we can try everything out and make sure we are on the pathway we want.
We have started with our Entertainment piece, which we had to base on a panel talk show. Our class got divided into 3 groups and we each went to see Channel 5's 'The Wright Stuff'. It was really interesting to be part of the audience because we could see how everything actually worked in the industry and what we could do in the TV Studio at uni.
So with this in mind our group planned our project and came up with a comedy based talk show. Our filming date was on the 1st of November. I think it went really well after a slow and stressful start in the morning (plus it didn't help that all day I was extremely hungover due to getting hammered for Halloween!)
The next part of the course we had was post production with our course leader. I really enjoyed the lectures because I think editing might be a career I want to follow so tried to take in everything possible!
I've only had to do 2 assignments to far, one for my theory module on continuity editing and a presentation of final cut pro tools. I'm chuffed to say I got 100% in my first assignment! Just awaiting results for the presentation now. I also have screenings every Monday night to go with my theory lecture, tonight's is 'This Is England', yay!

The last two months have just been a complete roller-coaster and I have enjoyed every single minute of it. I wish I could film it all! Hopefully now I fixed my laptop, I'll be here more regularly. 

Left to right: My last ever Starbucks and my Student ID, Freshers Fayre Domino's only £1!, Chilling in the laundrette, Flat Mexican Night, All the girls of Block L for Fresher's Ball, Headphone disco, Random lightsabre fight outside my window, Getting to grips with final cut in the Editing suite, Block L again, My Halloween make-up!, the set for my entertainment project and finally my presentation prop!


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