Results and the future...

So the dreaded results day on the 16th has come and gone and has pretty much turned my life upside down! I had written off going to uni because I didn't think I had performed well enough in my exams to get into my first choice and I wasn't really keen on my insurance. But come August the 16th I had a massive shock and got the grades I needed for my first choice, studying Film and Television Fiction at the University of Hertfordshire. I've had to make the difficult of decision of whether to go or not as it means leaving my boyfriend at home. But after giving it a weeks worth of thought I didn't think I should turn down the opportunity. I cant see myself doing a normal job and want to be able to make decent money so I can afford what I want in life and not struggle to get by. I just hope Mike understands that!
I feel worried, upset, guilty, nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time about going!
So soon enough my blog is probably going to be inundated with uni related things I expect and hopefully once more film things too. I'm really not good with keep up with that at the moment!
So i'll be moving up on the 23rd, less than two weeks now... aah!


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