Mammoth Post - May through to July

Long time no see! Been busy busy busy these past few months, but I think it's now time I get back into blogging!

During May and June I had my last day of school and A-Level study leave, along with my exams so obviously I was knuckling down to hopefully get the grades I want, which I will be reci in 11 days(aaaaah!). Plus with my new found singleness if I wasnt revising I was out with friends enjoying myself and going out! Naughty haha.
But then at the beginning of June I once again found myself in a relationship, a long decision on my part, but after a short break, me and my ex are back together. This does make me very happy but has definitely played havoc with my future plans!
I have applied to ucas to go to uni and ultimately I still want to go, but now i'm not so sure if its the course that I want, or if I am doing it for the right reasons. At the end of the day I may just have to wait and see as to what my results are and see what I feel like on the day, its going to be very hard decision and I don't want to make the wrong one either! The 16th will be painful :(
Right now however I am just trying to enjoy my summer, even if there is limited sunshine in the UK right now! I started a new bar job at the beginning of July so am still settling in and hoping to earn a bit of money to buy some nice things for myself soon. 
I'll be back to reviewing films again now as I have the time to do so! Have watched a good few this past month so expect some posts pretty soon :) 

I'll leave you with some pictures from the past two months...

Empire magazine's spread on Anchorman! Cannot wait, Prezzo lunch with Mum, Newspaper front for the Olypmics, Summer Ball dress dilemma!, Last day pranks, Love tub, Crossing off the last exam of the timetable, Uni accommodation application, Out for Caroline's birthday, Jubilee biscuits, One of the few heatwaves in the UK - Morelli's ice cream with background of Broadstairs beach, Naughty Pizza hut, Lush Sex bomb, Summer Ball drunkenness, The Dark Knight Rises!, Another last day native photo, Olympic torch passing through Ramsgate, Deep in revision, Leavers hoody :(, One of many hangover breakfasts i've had!


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