So this month has been pretty hectic to say the least. At the moment I have 4 pieces of coursework on the go, along with teachers setting me other essays on the side which is really not letting me have any time to myself! I've been waiting impatiently for the uni's that I have had interviews with to get back to me about whether I have an offer or not and unfortunately on the 23rd my favourite university (Ravensbourne) rejected me. Safe to say I was feeling pretty down that day already considering I left my English coursework folder on the train home with all notes, quotes and half written drafts in it (and the coursework was in for the next day !). The worst thing was I have given up sweets and chocolate for lent so I couldn't even cry into a pot of Ben & Jerry's which is half price at the Londis up the road! Arg! The 23rd was hellish to say the least. 
So now the hard work begins if I want to get into Hertfordshire! Fingers crossed eh. 
I've been working hard with my partner on my Film for Film studies at school and I am really liking the look of it so far! We have one short sequence to film and edit and we shall be done. I am really looking forward showing it off! I will get some stills together soonish and give you all a sneak peak ;)

I guess I should also say something about the awards season! Love seeing what everyone wear probably just as much as who wins the awards! Really disappointed with the fact that Tilda Swinton and Michael Fassbender were looked over at the Oscars last night. (and also not winning their categories at the BAFTAs!) They are brilliant at what they do and should have some recognition! With all this award loving that 'The Artist' is getting makes me feel bad for not seeing it in the cinema when it was out. Yet i'm not to sure it should have won all the awards that is has done so far, for example the BAFTA's Original Screenplay. Don't get me wrong I can't pass masses of judgement because I haven't seen it yet and I know acting is a hell of a lot more important in a silent film because there is no words, yet I just feel that with the other nominations in that category were very strong contenders and I wouldn't have picked them as the winner. 

Really surprised at how quickly this year is going already, March is nearly upon us! 


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